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Over the past several years colleges and universities have increased their efforts to create a safe, supportive campus environment for all members of the community. These efforts have resulted in the development of training programs focused on ensuring that everyone has the same level of knowledge when it comes to conduct, behavior, and consent. In response to this need, Kognito is excited to introduce a new simulation-based sexual misconduct prevention training for faculty and staff. This product compliments our student training, Sexual Misconduct Prevention for Students.

Join us for an interactive webinar to learn more about our sexual misconduct prevention suite of products for the campus community. This session will be led by Kimberly Wieland, Product Manager at Kognito as well as Ann Todd, Title IX consultant and subject matter expert. They will discuss the importance of implementing these training programs, how they contribute to creating and sustaining a supportive campus culture and what makes Kognito’s simulation engaging and effective.

Register today and be part of the culture shift:

  • Find out why conversation-based training creates positive behavior changes
  • Experience Kognito’s innovative approach to Sexual Misconduct Prevention training
  • Learn more about the content modules featured in the training
  • Discover how campus-wide training can have a big impact on culture

Kimberly Wieland​
Product Manager, Kognito

Ann Todd​
Title IX Consultant, D. Stafford & Associates

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