Stories from Student Veterans by David Chrisinger

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Since 2002, nearly one million veterans have entered college upon completion of their military service and have brought valuable life and leadership experience with them. However, transitioning from combat to college presents its own unique challenges. Many veterans report that going from a regimented environment to a looser college setting can be jarring. Others feel isolated due to the lack of military cultural competency among faculty, staff and fellow students. Understanding challenges faced by student veterans and providing the proper support is critical to their emotional well-being and academic success.

David Chrisinger, a Communication Specialist and Veteran Transition Expert, seeks to reveal unique challenges faced by student veterans using their own words in his book See Me for Who I Am. In this free webinar, Mr. Chrisinger will relay some of their stories, speak about why military competency is necessary on campus, and offer best practices to create a more supportive culture and provide the tools they need to succeed in college.

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Conversations that change lives.

Conversations that change lives.

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