SAMHSA’s Zero Suicide Grant Applicants

June 7 3pm EDT


If your agency or organization is considering applying for SAMHSA's new Zero Suicide grant opportunity, please join us for a webinar - or contact us directly - to learn how Kognito's evidence-based training simulations for healthcare professionals can help you quickly and effectively support key grant requirements.

In this 30-minute online session, we'll show you how Kognito simulations, can help you:

  • Address four of the seven essential elements of suicide care as listed in the grant.
  • Ensure that you apply research-proven training tools to build skills and change behaviors.
  • Streamline and reduce the costs of reporting and evaluation requirements.
Learn about our existing evidence-base and research-proven online role-play simulations AND be the first to hear about an exciting new program in production for mental health practitioners and first responders.

Who should attend:

  • Primary investigators and staff involved in conceptualizing or writing a proposal for the Zero Suicide grant.
  • Other healthcare professionals interested in Zero Suicide implementation.

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About Our Presenters

Jennifer Spiegler, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Kognito

Dr. Glenn Albright, Co-Founder and Director of Research at Kognito

Conversations that change lives.


3:00pm-3:30pm EDT
Jennifer joined Kognito in 2010 with a background spanning education, business, and not-for-profit sectors, in areas such as instructional design, strategic communications, fundraising, and arts administration. Prior to joining Kognito, Jennifer served as assistant director of the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning where she initiated new projects with faculty in the health sciences. At Kognito, Jennifer leads engagements with state-level government agencies, statewide non-profits, and school districts, overseeing a multi-disciplinary team to support client marketing, customer experience, and simulation customization, and new simulation development.

Jennifer Spiegler, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Kognito

Dr. Albright’s passion for learning and its application in the fields of health and behavioral health fuel his research activities at Kognito. Dr. Albright leads a team of researchers at Kognito in evaluating the efficacy of its immersive learning and assessment role-play simulations to bring about sustained behavior changes in the areas of social, emotional, and physical health. His research involves integrating empirically-based findings drawn from neuroscience such as emotional regulation, mentalizing, and empathy, as well as components of social cognitive learning models including motivational interviewing and adult learning theory. He is a clinical psychologist who received his Ph.D. from The City University of New York in the area of experimental cognition with concentrations in neuropsychology and applied psychophysiology. Dr. Albright is the former Chair of the Department of Psychology at Baruch College of the City University of New York and has received distinguished teaching awards at both Baruch and New York University. He is actively involved in publishing and presents at numerous conferences addressing how game-based role-play simulations can cost-effectively support public health initiatives. These initiatives are focused on bringing about positive changes in behavior and are designed to impact large numbers of geographically dispersed people comprised of vulnerable populations.  

Dr. Glenn Albright, Co-Founder and Director of Research at Kognito