5 Effective Ways to Engage Students as Active Participants in Campus Mental Health

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According to a recent National College Health Assessment study, nearly 1/3 of college students had difficulty functioning due to depression, and almost 1/2 reported feeling overwhelming anxiety. Unfortunately, most students who need help do not receive it. ​

Engaging students as active partners in mental health education and advocacy is paramount to reducing the stigma connected to mental health, and improving the likelihood that those in distress seek help and receive the support that’s needed. However, many colleges struggle to get students to embrace such campus programs.

On this webinar, you'll hear 5 Effective Student Engagement Strategies from the experts, and ways in which Keiser, Penn State Altoona, and West Virginia University have successfully broken through the stigma and generated student participation and advocacy for their mental health programs.

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Conversations that change lives.

Conversations that change lives.

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