Innovations in Supporting Student Veterans on Campus

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Today, almost one million undergraduate students are either Veterans or on active military duty. As they follow their path to a post-secondary education, Student Veterans face many challenges, including, juggling employment and school, family responsibilities, military obligations, and, in some cases, health issues related to deployment. With the list of Veterans enrolling in two- and four-year level institutions growing every day, it is imperative that colleges and universities implement and evolve the resources available to better serve these students.

This webinar featured experts from the University of California San Diego, Central Community College, and the National Association of Veterans’ Program Administrators (NAVPA) and their perspective on where the field stands in its effort to support student veterans, highlights from successful and innovative programs that can be implemented by other schools, and lessons learned from initiatives that seemed promising at first but were not successful.

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Conversations that change lives.

Conversations that change lives.

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